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Telehealth uses live real time video and sound on a device to connect you with our clinic which is at a different location.

One of the following Devices is Needed:
• Windows 10 PC with camera and microphone (all laptops have it)
• Mac with camera and microphone (all laptops have it)
• Chromebook laptop
• Android phone or tablet (5 years old or newer preferred)
• iPhone or iPad device (5 years old or newer preferred)

For IT support call (866) 850 - 5070


1. Install Application - (Don't open app after installation)
download teams ios
download teams android
  • Mac
    • Click on 
    • Download and install "Teams" app
join meeting
  • Window 10 PC - Download Here
    • Open Downloaded​ File
    • Click "Yes" to install and security prompts
2. Before every class you will get an email. 
Click on right before the meeting starts. 
(Opens Teams app)
*Note for iPhones and iPads, you have to use Apple Mail app to open link, can't use other email apps like Gmail, Outlook, etc...
join meeting
3. Click on “Join as a guest”.
join as guest button
4. Type your full name and click “Join meeting”.
type name
5. Make sure the camera and microphone toggles don’t have a line through them like below. If they are tap on them to enable. 
check video settings
Still Having Trouble?  Call our IT support at (866) 850 - 5070
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