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Doctor and Patient

Primary Care Providers

Simply fax over your referral with notes, we will do the rest.

How to Refer

Secure Fax: (800) 957 - 1067                Referral Form

Eligibility and Covered Health Plans

  • Our staff will confirm eligibility of your patients but note that we do not take patients covered by Kaiser Permanente or Providence Healt
    h Plans. 

  • We are in-network with most health plans in Oregon and Washington.

Invite Dr. Gobble to come speak at your office for a lunch and learn

Latest Talk:
Maximize Your Quality Scores

Are you frustrated with the pressure to meet certain quality measures? Are you concerned that patients may not accurately follow-your treatment advice?

John Gobble Portrait

Lifestyle Medicine Group is here to help your patients achieve optimal outcomes using three proven strategies for maximizing behavior change, adherence, and attainment of quality measures.
•    Lifestyle planning;
•    Lifestyle intervention; and
•    Lifestyle evaluation.
In this talk you’ll learn:
• Why it is important and what to do to lower breast cancer risk among those in their 20s and 30s.
•    How to bring registered dietitians and health coaches onto your team.
•   How to improve quality measure for:
        1) Hypertension control,
        2) Hemoglobin A1c control (< 9%),
        3) Screening for colorectal cancer
        4) Screening for breast cancer
        5) Tobacco screening and use intervention

Proven Results

The charts below represent the first 60 days of engagement in our intensive therapeutic lifestyle change programs for 203 participants between February 2014 and February 2017. 

BMI chart
weight chart week
weight chart
bmi chart percent
glucose chart
ldl cholesterol chart

Obese: BMI = 30 – 34.9
Very Obese: BMI = 35 – 39.9
Morbidly Obese: BMI = 40+ 

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