Turn Around Diabetes

A Year Long Virtual Class for People with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes

Upcoming Class Start Dates
Wednesday, October 5 2017
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Sessions are once a week for 12 weeks then twice a month for 3 months and once a month for the last 6 months.  First and last sessions are in person at our office.
Do You Have Pre-Diabetes?
9 out of 10 Pre-Diabetics don't know they have it. Take our Risk Test to see if you need to be screened.
1st session is in person where we setup and teach you how to use our app.  Participate in wellness screening.  Meet the provides and determine your personal goals. 
Prior to each session: 
Watch engaging CHIP videos (Complete Health Improvement Program)
Read CHIP material that go along with the videos you watch.
Take quizzes and surveys based on what you learn.  Track food/exercise/weight using a computer or smartphone.
Regular meetings with your provider.
Prior to each session: 
Read diabetes and pre-diabetes specific material.  Test recipes from the cookbook.
Take surveys to see if you are ready to talk to your doctor about reducing your medication.
Monthly meetings with your provider.
Last class is in person.  Take blood test.  Graduation and determine next step in turning around diabetes and pre-diabetes.
Months 1 - 6
Months 7 - 12
What does it cost?
The program costs $25/month from you and the rest is covered 100% by your insurance.  Most insurance companies will cover it for diabetics and pre-diabetics.  

1st and Last Class Location

Clackamas Promanade (2nd Floor of South Building)


8800 SE Sunnyside Rd

Suite 224-S

Clackamas OR, 97015

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